Payment Dispute Standards & Compliance Council: Mission and Objectives

The Payment Dispute Standards & Compliance Council fills a vitally-necessary role in ecommerce, facilitating a greater understanding between all parties in the value chain.

Our Mission

The mission of the Payment Dispute Standards & Compliance Council is to build the compliance layer for stable and fair payment exchange.

Creating and Maintain Card-Not-Present Standards

The card-not-present environment changes at an incredible pace, much too quickly for any one individual to establish compliance. With millions of people involved in ecommerce, conducting billions of transactions worth trillions of dollars annually, takes a community to monitor trends and ensure success.

The Payment Dispute Standards & Compliance Council helps merchants and card payment professionals by providing a vehicle for standard dissemination and a remedy for unintended merchant negligence.

We enable merchants, financial institutions, card associations, and anyone else involved in the payments industry to collaborate and innovate. We bring together the world’s foremost experts on ecommerce, fraud, payments, digital security and more, all for the purpose of tracking the changes and developing trends in the greater card-not-present ecosystem.