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The Payment Dispute Standards & Compliance Council offers a Merchant Certification Course. Merchants are encouraged to enroll in this unique training opportunity and learn how to ensure success in the ecommerce environment.

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The Merchant Certification Course is the only training opportunity of its kind, giving merchants an uncommon advantage upon entering the card-not-present ecosphere.

As the premier information source for card-not-present transactions, the Payment Dispute Standards & Compliance Council’s certification course serves as the definitive resource to help merchants:

Optimize profitability

Retaining revenue and optimizing profitability are the basic tenets of any successful enterprise. Identifying hidden monetization opportunities is a dynamic task in the ecommerce environment.

Scale the business

Emerging technologies enable significant and rapid advancement. However, merchants need to scale their business and encourage growth without increasing risk and liability.

Ensure long-term sustainability

Longevity demands a continual commitment to success, not fleeting rewards. It’s important to identify situations where short-term ROI is less significant than sustainable results.

Mitigate risk

The card-not-present environment is constantly evolving. Risk mitigation and fraud prevention tactics need to be just as dynamic as the threats merchants confront.

Manage valuable assets

Merchant accounts are assets that require active management. Every member of the transaction chain experiences increased risk when a merchant account is not properly maintained.

Allocate resources effectively

Third-party vendors and outsourced responsibility can increase the efficiency of in-house operations by reallocating resources to revenue-generating departments.

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The Merchant Certification Course is recommended for all current or future card-not-present merchants. For a single payment of $29.95, merchants will gain superiority over uncertified businesses, unchecked consumer behaviors, and innovating fraudsters.

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